We provide countrywide over the road transportation services.


Drivers with us at the moment driving all around the country.


Monthly loads carried with many allied brokers


Total benefits that you will have at your disposition with us

What We Offer You

If you are an FDS driver you will have access to loads that adjust to your priorities and according to your location, you will also have full roadside assistance 24 hours a day to help you get spare parts and whatever you need, as an owner we give you payment options with EFS, fuel cards, lumper and more.

Some Main Benefits

24H Assistance

Agents available to help you with your ELD or if you have any issues on the road with your truck or trailer and if you have any other load needs.

Loads Anytime

We make sure our dispatchers are standing by for the drivers offloading to find them the ideal load as well as the dispatchers assistants. We are here to find the correct load that fits your needs at the time.


You will always have our help with every payment you need over the road, as well as help in case of overweight, delays in shipping or delivering loads, etc.


For only this percentage of each load you will have all these benefits and many more to make your over the road experience with us meets all your needs.

Representative logistics operator providing full range of service in the sphere of customs clearance and transportation countrywide.

About Us

Since 2016 our company has been committed to offer a service of excellence. We look for the best rates, 24/7 attention 365 days a year. Payments on time and without excuses. In less than three years we became one of the main carriers in Florida.

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