Inspection Service

Safety comes first, that’s why we have created this division to perform periodic inspections and maintenance to trucks and trailers. We perform detailed inspections, analyzing each part and component, generating reports that describe if there are errors or problems detected, and we make recommendations for a better use according to the regulations of the Department of transportation(DOT).

Each inspection generates a copy that is sent directly to the email of the truck owner or the responsible company.

Key Benefits


Each inspection generates a file which is recorded. History of the last inspections performed and when the next inspection is to be performed are stored. Having complete control over the dates of each truck and trailer, each inspection record is sent to the truck owner or company.


All inspected vehicles generate reports that can be requested when needed, these reports show in detail the whole process and if a fault was found it will be described, recommendation notes will also be given.

Follow Up

Every truck and trailer that is inspected is followed up to be informed of possible failures detected in order to apply corrections immediately or with your trusted repair shop.