Document Management

The Department of Transportation (DOT) maintains the safety of the U.S. transportation system. All freight carriers must comply with DOT standards, which may include not using drugs or alcohol, the company and drivers are scored on inspection requirements and truck maintenance.

Violation of any of these standards can have consequences. That is why we have a strict system of testing and document tracking for every driver and company staff member

Key Benefits


When you drive with us you will have at your disposal a team of prepared people who will guide you to be up to date with your documents and train you in everything related to our regulations and those of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and improve the quality of both to offer guarantees and safety to our customers and partners.


The first step to improving DOT compliance for trucking companies is to improve our safety, creating compliance awareness among all departments and employees ensures that everyone is alert and ready for anything. Emphasizing the importance of DOT compliance among drivers and managers makes it easier for every company to work together to achieve compliance.


We assist every driver in having documentation like licenses, ID cards, permissions to states and everything related to carrying loads across the country and avoid penalties by the DOT and lower the confidence of drivers and ensure we are complying with all the regulations.
We periodically review and update all documentation for every driver