Fuel Card

Every driver has at his disposal a card with an available credit limit that allows him to fill up and make other types of payments or purchases like road supplies, truck oil changes, weight scale payments, cash advances, etc. This card is available 24 hours a day. We have created partnerships with different gas stations in order to provide better prices and offers to our drivers throughout the country. You will also have assistance from our agents for whatever you need related to this card.
Key Benefits


Drivers need to refuel their trucks many times depending on their load and distance, for this reason we have created partnerships in order to obtain discounts on different services needed for the truck, this generates significant savings per year that ensures better earnings for each load performed reflected in the factoring.

The more flexible your fuel card is, the better. The best fuel cards offer additional benefits like discounts on tires, repairs, lodging, and food and drink at partnering locations

Control Your Spending

With this card you can easily control all the expenses on every load, if you are a truck owner or operator you will be able to check every expense generated on the route independently if you have more than one truck at your disposal or even if you have other drivers with you in your own fleet or a co-driver.

This brings you comfort in knowing that your fuel card will always be ready, and
you’ll never need to worry.


Having a fuel card is very convenient. You or your fleet will never have to pay for fuel out of pocket, and no one will have to incur the cost of fuel. We manage those costs for reimbursement if necessary. Having a fuel card allows you to feel comfortable while on the road.

An additional benefit of having a fuel card is fuel advances. Fuel advances work by your funds getting distributed directly onto your fuel card.