ELD Management

It is important to keep tracking and control of our trucks when they go on the road, so, we help drivers to have better understanding of their hours of service (HOS), optimizing their times and giving them the best options for their routes, knowledge of DOT regulations and this enables them to have the best possible trip without delays and everything regarding the use of their ELDs

Key Benefits

Assitance 24/7

There will always be an agent to assist and help with everything our drivers need in their routes and also improving delivery times, corrections, general information about the route, places to rest, destinations and more.

ELD assistance

It is necessary to know how these devices work and how to use them. Our agents can help you to: use the ELD application correctly, make and upload inspection reports, register loads, and more.

DOT Regulations

The regulations are strict for truck drivers and the loads they transport, which is why we follow up and assist drivers to avoid tickets, delays and any inconvenience related to what is established by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

HOS Assitance

We know that all loads need to be delivered on time, so we help drivers know how to make the most of their available hours for each load delivery, taking into consideration distance, weather conditions, possible traffic delays in the city, etc.

Performance Bonus

We value the excellent work they do, their dedication and commitment to the company and our customers, and our drivers are compensated for complying with all our regulations and the DOT ones.

GPS Real Time

All trucks have a GPS tracking system through their ELD device, this way we can monitor their location, find nearby places that the driver may need. We also verify the correct use of their hours and violations such as incorrect driving inputs, driving off duty and more.