Payment System

Every load is important, knowing that, we make sure everything is documented and invoiced, BOL, EFS, every type of payment is secured in order to generate a complete report and to be able to offer drivers weekly payments with the details of their completed loads and costs, our accounting staff will make everything smooth and clear.
Key Benefits


All payment processes are performed in a timely and efficient manner in order to offer the most efficient system and security guarantees to our drivers, as well as clarity in the processes where the brokers are necessary for receiving or delivering the loads.


All invoices are received and classified in real time in order to keep all documentation in order and provide the corresponding information in a transparent manner and avoid any possible inconveniences.


Thinking about our drivers and the efficiency of the processes, we have designed payment systems for every 2 days or weekly at the driver’s choice, taking into consideration the total loads completed within the same period of time.