Dispatch Service

Freedom is important, that’s why we offer drivers the option to choose the loads according to their needs, always with the intention of getting the best prices. We provide all the help needed when a situation with the broker and shipper may arise.

We monitor the ETA’s of every truck. We have designed a tracking system that gives access to each respective broker to minimize the check calls on both ends. We make sure to get all the details of the load during the booking process to guarantee a safe and accurate process for both our drivers and the brokers.

Key Benefits


Brokers can know where their loads are when they need it, by calling or sending an email directly to the dispatchers or their assistants. All trucks have a GPS system, we also provide daily calls to the drivers to know exactly where they are and give an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). Additionally, we have our roadside assistance service 24 hours to give support or updates to our brokers.


The dispatchers take care of their relationship with all the brokers, having a clear and efficient communication from the first moment and throughout all the operations. We handle any issue presented between the driver and broker in order to promote the best process. The main goal is to build a professional relationship with our load suppliers to bring the best load option to all our drivers.

Load Search

We have many programs that allow us the opportunity to find and choose the best loads on the market. We negotiate the loads with the brokers obtaining the best possible price, and we maintain high standards of quality and responsibility once the load is loaded on the trailers.